Interakt - Jester

Creativity just for you

InteraKt was created as a community. Our aim is to ensure that everything we learn, we share for the benefit of each other.

So, if you fancy filmmaking, you can work alongside a professional cameraman and support our theatre company. Or, if you’re crazy about creating, we’ll encourage you to make fabulously fancy hats for the InteraKt annual fashion parade.

We provide creative activities for young people and adults with learning, physical and sensory challenges. We know that people have different needs and capabilities, and we celebrate diversity. Bespoke is integral to our work, we believe each participant has the right to fulfil their potential and we work hard to offer multiple opportunities to match those individual needs.

Our aim is to expose participants to various aspects of theatre, music, movement, art, fashion, film and IT alongside learning relevant life skills. By merging the creative and practical aspects of our sessions we enable participants to enjoy and learn simultaneously, building knowledge, confidence and self-esteem through providing positive and engaging experiences.


Interakt - Narrator

As well as our in-house sessions and activities, we partner with other professional organisations such as The Watermill and the Corn Exchange. Working alongside other creative members of our community, embracing exciting challenges, learning new skills and broadening our horizons together.

Our aim is to invest in your future, regardless of your needs, and we always intend to have a little fun whilst doing it.

Based in Newbury, our sessions are funded through personal budgets, grants and private fees. Contact us today and start to unleash your creative potential.

“I believe everyone has the right to enrich their lives, be empowered, grow in confidence and apply their skills safely in our fabulously diverse community of cultures.”

Words spoken with passion by our founder Tsippy Mcauliffe back in 2011