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Reaching out to others is something we’ve always done

And with our Outreach Programme, we intend to take that concept even further. We want to educate, break down societal barriers and enable those interested to explore vital connections.

What prevents people from making connections with those who have physical, sensory and learning challenges? Sadly, it is often fear. Fear is the driver of avoidance, misunderstanding and judgement. Through our programme, we want to paint a picture of what it’s like to work with the amazing adults who face these challenges daily. By spreading our message through the wider community, we are hoping to eradicate fear – replacing it with curiosity and understanding. As well as education, we hope to encourage those who have an interest in this field to reach out for further information and explore possible opportunities. We know the reward, the laughter, the fun of working alongside our participants. Challenges are daily but we prefer to look at them as an opportunity to learn, a challenge overcome is just another peek into the window of insight and with that comes greater depth of connection and, trust us, immense pride and joy at the achievement.

Our Outreach programme is presented to local schools and businesses in the area. If you’re interested in finding out more please contact


Interakt - participant

By offering a range of opportunities for organisations to support our staff and participants, we continue to break down existing barriers and build bridges between the mainstream and disability communities.

Our Outreach programme is presented to local schools and businesses in the area, here are just some of the ways we encourage the community to get involved:

  • Students from Education Business Partnership co-ordinate annual work experience for local secondary schools.
  • iCollege Alternative Education promote opportunities for students to support our participants, helping them to re-integrate into the wider community.
  • Post 16 encourage students to carry out work experience or take up volunteer roles with InteraKt. This is a great way to gain skills and experience and transition students into employment.
  • Priors Court School create opportunities for their students to take part in the community, our sessions lend themselves to their multi-ability young people and there is good cohesion between us.

Newbury Volunteer Centre works very closely with InteraKt, especially with young students and adults who have been unemployed. Supporting our participants often helps to build confidence for people, providing a safe environment to grow and trust.

“Tsippy and her team also give the students the opportunity to develop their own skills in areas such as communication and gain a greater understanding of working in this particular sector.”

Julia Hallam, Education Business Partnership