Friday After school club is changing

Our Friday after school club has been running for over a year now and is as successful as ever, so much so we decided to add a film making elelement to it. The after school club will now be the Friday after school film club in which we will be making and watching films, the films of which we make will be entered into compitions. The session will run by Matt and Jamie and the time is still 3:15-5:15.




So Christmas is fast approaching, a time to relax, a time to see family and most importantly a time to eat. Luckily for those wishing to be more active in the new year we have some available spaces in our ‘InterAktiv’ group. The group runs from 3:30-4:30 on Tuesday’s at Ace Space and is led by Tash. If you’re interested then contact Tsippy at for more information.





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Dear all, What a year!!!! As one of our participants reminded me yesterday, “last year was better than the year before…this year WILL be even better”!!! Thank you for all Read More

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