“Provided people with opportunities to shine”

Interakt is fun, but much much more than that it is a group of friends who work together to put on something special. From pantomimes, to musicals, to fairy tales, the projects the group have worked on have been varied and provided people with opportunities to shine. Lastly performing to our supportive audiences, whom we all feed off, makes the whole process worthwhile. As a volunteer I have gained many skills over the years and have grown in confidence through the supportive role I committed to and through the very many performances I took part in. I can highly recommend Interakt to any one considering a volunteering role as through the process of helping others one gains so much more.

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Dear all, What a year!!!! As one of our participants reminded me yesterday, “last year was better than the year before…this year WILL be even better”!!! Thank you for all Read More

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